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About Digital Piano

Welcome to Digital Piano!

You will find comprehensive reviews, analysis, buyer’s guide, comparison and tips and tricks regarding choosing the best digital piano and digital courses for your need. I will also cover news and product launch in the digital piano industry.

My piano learning experience

Growing up, I have always been fascinated by piano but never had the chance to learn it as a kid. Couple years back when I was 30 years old, I decided that I was going to give it a try.

Living in a big city and in an apartment building, I didn’t want to annoy my neighbors with the noise I was bound to make while practicing. So I looked into digital pianos as my instrument to learn and practice.

There is a lot of information out there and it was overwhelming. Most reviews are done with music stores that want to sell the products they review. It is hard to find a place where I could compare my options and narrow it down by my need.

This is why you are here

Are you looking for your first digital piano to start learning?

Are you thinking about upgrading your digital piano because your skill has outgrown your current instrument?

Are you dissatisfied by the reviews you read elsewhere on the internet because they seem biased and just want to promote the product?

Are you frustrated by not being able to filter and narrow down your choices based on your skill level and budget?

What you can find at Digital Piano

Here at Digital Piano, you can sort through keyboards based on your specific need and compare them with user reviews, technical analysis, buyer’s guide as well as some tips and tricks from me.

I aim to aid you in your search for your perfect match when it comes to digital piano and I will save you a lot of time, trouble and/or money with an efficient and effective layout and structure.

You can also find tutorials from me about how to practice and learn to play the piano. I will in addition review popular digital piano courses that you might be interested.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Digital Piano

12 thoughts on “About Digital Piano”

    1. Hi ChenChen,

      Guess what? It’s my birthday today. Waking up and see your comment just made me smile. Thank you so much for your kind word.

  1. Hi Wei,

    Thanks for such great works, benefit us tremendously. Anyway, can you please review the all new Casio CDP series (S-100, S-150 & S-350)? We appreciate it, thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Achmed,

      Thank you for your kind comment. I have my eyes on these new models for a while now.

      I’ll publish my review of them as soon as I can.

  2. Hi Wei, I’m looking for digital piano “FOR BEGINNER” like a KAWAI ES110 or YAMAHA P-125. But I found anoda digital piano at a good price. What you think about DEXIBELL VIVO P7.

    1. Hi Rumen,

      Welcome to my review site! Vivo P7 is a lot more expensive than the Kawai ES110 or the Yamaha P-125. The P7 is more of a competitor to the Yamaha P-515 and Kawai ES8.
      That being said, the Vivo P7 has some advantages in terms of its software technology. It offers unlimited polyphony number. Unfortunately, the key action is what I can’t recommend the P7 over its competitors. It’s certainly not bad. But for its price, I just think there are better options.
      I have to ask, do you need the portability of your digital piano? Are you going to move it around? If not, there are many more options to consider. And if you are a beginner, I don’t think the Vivo P7 is a right choice for you. Unless that deal you found is too good to pass.
      Do come back and let us know which piano you end up with and your experience with it.

      1. Hi Wei,
        Thank you very much for you help.
        The price is really great, about 860 USB. But I’m a beginner on a practice and on a theory. Maybe I will take KAWAI ES-110, because it have a lesson mode and I really liked your review of this piano.
        Please excuse me if something is wrong. My English is not very good.

        1. The Kawai ES110 is a very good digital piano and I’m sure you will enjoy learning on it. If portability is not needed, you can also look into the Casio PX870. My mother has it and I did a review of it here. Excellent value for the price.

  3. Hi Wei, I’m looking for a best and affordable digital piano. I was doing research and found out the Roland F 140r is pretty good as it’s small size and nice sound. But Wei, any suggestions or recommendations from you?

    I learned piano about 6 years ago and completed exam of grade 5.

    I was thinking to continue learn until grade 8. So, I needed to get a piano before I start

    1. Hi Phoebe, thanks for dropping by. The Roland F140r is indeed a very good digital piano. Although the one I reviewed has some issue with the key action, the vast majority of users and reviewers out there love this instrument.

      There are two other models I would recommend at this price range. The Casio PX-870 and the Yamaha YDP-143.

      The Yamaha YDP-143 is probably the least impressive among the three models. You do pay a lot premium for the brand. It is still a very solid digital piano. But the key action on it is very basic and identical to the key action on the P45, which is almost three times cheaper.

      The Casio PX-870 is in my mind the best digital piano under $1,000. Compare to the Roland F140r, the PX-870 has a lot less instrument voices. Although I assume that’s not a big deal for you. The PX-870 has better speaker system and it has much higher polyphony number. As for the key action and sound, they are both very good.

      Since you have some experience already, I would urge you to find a nearby shop and try these models. The feel of the keys is not something words can describe accurately.

      If you are exploring other options, click here to see my best digital piano of 2018 list.

      Come back and let me know which model you end up with and share your experience here.

      1. Could you review Yamaha Arius YDP – 163?
        Is there still a problem with the key action?
        Also, what do you think about.the Casio AP –
        The most important features for me are sound,
        responsiveness and feel of the action.

        1. Hi Pat,

          Here’s my review of the Yamaha YDP-163. I’m not exactly sure what problem you mean about the key action. Are we talking about the heaviness of it?

          I haven’t had the chance to review the Casio AP-140. But Casio’s new S1000 is quite impressive. Check my review here.

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