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Digital Piano Christmas Sale: Last Chance in 2019!

Digital Piano Christmas Sale

Black Friday and Cyber Monday has passed! If you didn’t grab any of the amazing deals, Christmas sale is your last chance of the year. To try to help you get the deal you deserve, I search the web and put all the deals I can find into one place. This is the Digital Piano Christmas Sale list and I hope you find something that you can start 2020 with.

Although it’s less crazy then the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, deals can still end or sold out very quickly. If you find a deal you want, don’t wait too long.


Portable Digital Piano Christmas Sale

Korg B2 Digital Piano [Sam Ash $50 off!]

Korg B2

The new B2 from Korg has nearly everything you need on a digital piano. It’s potable with good key action and nice sound. You can instantly save $50 if you snatch this Christmas deal.


Casio CDP-S100 & CDP-S350 Compact Digital Piano [Guitar Center $100 off!]

Casio CDP-S100

This 2019 new model from Casio re-defines what we know as portable digital piano. It’s super slim and lightweight. You can even operate this piano on batteries. If you like to take your music with you, the CDP-S100 is one of the models that you must check out. You can save $100 from Guitar Center.


Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano BLACK [Guitar Center $100 off!]

The control of the PX-160 is well labeled.

The Casio Privia PX-160 is one of the digital pianos that I always recommend to beginners. This model offers great value for money. With the $100 off for the Black version, this is probably the best value digital piano you can get this year. To know more about the PX-160, read the full review here.


Console Style Digital Piano Christmas Sale

Yamaha YDP103 Arius [Amazon -$100]

Yamaha YDP103

The Yamaha YDP103 has been very popular. Although it’s not the current generation, with this Christmas deal, it still offers solid value for your dollars.


Yamaha YDP184 [Amazon -$200.00]

Yamaha Arius YDP 184

Really surprised to find this wonderful deal. The YDP 184 is the flagship model of Yamaha’s current YDP series. It is one of the best digital pianos of this year. And now, you can instantly save $200! I wouldn’t wait if I were you. To learn more about the YDP 184, find the full review here.


Williams Rhapsody 2 [Guitar Center $70 off!]

Williams Rhapsody 2

This is a very popular console style digital piano. It comes with authentic key action, realistic sound, many useful features and a classic look. Grab it now to save $70!


Williams Overture 2 [Guitar Center $100 off!]

Williams Overture 2

A more advanced model from Williams, the Overture 2 looks luxury and elegance. It is very well received by consumers. You can get this popular model and save $100 right away.


Williams Symphony Grand [Guitar Center $400 off!]

Williams Symphony Grand

Who doesn’t want a grand piano in the living room? And this is your chance. The Williams Symphony Grand is on sale and you can save a whopping $400!


Yamaha P-125 Bundle [Guitar Center $79.98 off!]

The Yamaha P-125 is good looking.

The P-125 is the mid range model of Yamaha’s current lineup. Although it’s a portable digital piano, this bundle comes with a wooden stand and bench, which make it a console style piano. With this Christmas sale, you can save $79.98 on this bundle. To learn more on the Yamaha P-125, read the full review here.


Yamaha P-45 Bundle [Guitar Center $179.98 off!]

P45 Bundle

With this bundle, your Yamaha P-45 comes a console style digital piano, suited for any room in your home. The deal will end in 1 day and you should hurry if you want to save $179.98. My review of the P-45 can be found here.


Digital Piano Accessories Deal



Leave a comment to let me know what you think of these deals. And if you happen to know any amazing deals during Christmas, please share with us in the comment below.

2 thoughts on “Digital Piano Christmas Sale: Last Chance in 2019!”

  1. Hello Wei! Merry Christmas! Thank you for sharing the great deals for us. I wanna buy a digital piano for home use and practice only. I am currently intermediate to advanced level. Because of space and budge, I want a digital piano that can mimic the real piano the most, in all aspects, from the sound to the strength of keys. I prefer Kawai or Yamaha. Could you please recommend me a few models? Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Manlu,

      Thank you for you kind comment and I wish you a happy new year!

      For home use, an upright digital piano is best since it doesn’t have to make compromises for portability. Unfortunately, without knowing your budget, it’s hard for me to make recommendations. For the best and most realistic piano experience, you should take a look at the Yamaha YDP-184 and the Kawai CA48. They are both excellent and it’s really hard to say which one is better.

      You can find my reviews on Yamaha digital pianos here and on Kawai ones here. I hope it somehow narrows it down for you.

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