Learn how to play piano by ear

Learn to Play Piano by Ear – It’s Easier Than You Think

Some people are more gifted than others. They can listen to a song on the radio once and play the melody on a piano right away. What sorcerer is that? I used to be so jealous of people like that. But my piano journey has taken me to a level that I realized that play piano by ear is a skill rather than a talent. You can definitely learn it. It’s not easy though. A strong foundation of music theory and tons of practice is needed. In this article, I hope to introduce you to the idea and show you […]

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Am I Too Old To Learn The Piano

Am I too Old to Learn the Piano? – You Know The Answer!

I do believe anyone asking ‘Am I too old to learn the piano’ knows the answer already. You know that you can never be too old. What you are actually asking is if it’s a worthwhile investment of your time, energy and money to start this piano journey. This is a very common concern and I would like to provide some insights and thought exercises to clarify the pros and cons of learning the piano. In the end, the decision is yours and I hope you can make a well-informed one. Learning to play the piano is a long journey […]

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How to Learn Piano Online – New Ways to Learn!

Piano teachers are great! They can teach you all the basics and they can work as a force for you to keep practicing. They are especially important for children since children usually lack the discipline and focus needed. Meanwhile, there are more and more adult beginners learning this instrument online. This post will serve as a guide as how to learn piano online the right way. Why should you learn piano online? The benefits that come along with learning piano online have contributed a lot towards its popularity. If you are curious to figure out whether you should learn piano […]

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5 Benefits Of Learning Piano

5 Benefits Of Learning Piano – Proven by Science!

The benefits of learning piano exceed only learning to play it as a hobby. Experts have found major physical and psychological benefits to learning this instrument. If you are not satisfied with the fun of playing a piano, here are 5 benefits of learning piano to help you commit to serious learning. Boosting Brain Performance Learning the piano requires focus and high concentration. The player needs to put their effort towards accomplishing new tasks. Coordinating both hands simultaneously to achieve harmony and sensible music helps to improve your motor skills. Since a pianist needs to read sheet music and play […]

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