Yamaha P-515 Review: The Best Portable Piano From Yamaha

Yamaha lays claim to some of the most awesome and technologically innovative piano models in the world. It is, therefore, always a pleasure to review any of their pianos. This singular reason contributed to my interest in reviewing the P-515 today, an awesome digital piano that was released to replace the former P-255. Join me in exploring why the P-515 has become the flagship of Yamaha’s P-series.   DESIGN The Look The modern design of the P-515 is no surprise, given that it was released in September 2018. Yamaha’s century long piano-making experience and the numerous feedback gotten on the […]

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Yamaha P115 Review

Yamaha P115 Review 2019: Try To Get It Cheap!

When shopping for a portable digital piano, the Yamaha P-line is the series that you can not overlook. There are quite a lot choices inside this product line. From P-515, to P-125, and P-45; all members of the P-Line were champions when they were made. In this Yamaha P115 review, I will show you why this discontinued model can still be a good choice if you can get it on the cheap. P-115 became one of the most sought-after digital pianos immediately it was introduced in 2015. This was possible because it was not just the most affordable digital piano […]

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Yamaha P125 Review

Yamaha P125 Review – Kinda Hard To Recommend In 2019

Yamaha introduced the P125 as a replacement for the popular P115 in 2018. It was well received and many people liked this portable digital piano. In this Yamaha P125 review, I want to show you why I can’t honestly recommend it any more in 2019. DESIGN The Look The Yamaha P125 has a modern minimalist design. It is clean and sleek. This instrument would fit most modern decor style and you can use the P125 as a focal point of the room. Compare to the entry level model P45, the P125 looks much more premium and well-built. Yamaha has also […]

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Yamaha YDP-S54 Review - A Better Looking And Cheaper YDP-164

Yamaha YDP-S54 Review – A Better Looking And Cheaper YDP-164

Not long ago, I did a review on the new Yamaha YDP-164. It turns out to be a pretty solid digital piano. But if you are interested in the YDP-164, you definitely shouldn’t overlook the YDP-S54. It is identical to the 164 but with a contemporary design. For about $100 less, you get a better looking YDP-164. In this Yamaha YDP-S54 review, let’s take a detailed look at this futuristic instrument. DESIGN The Look The one difference between the YDP-S54 and the YDP-164 is the look. While the YDP-164 has a relatively more traditional look of an upright piano, the […]

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Yamaha YDP-S34 Review – The Compact Version Of YDP-144

Do you like the Yamaha YDP-144 but want it to look even more compact? The YDP-S34 might be your answer. It is in many ways identical to the YDP-144 but has a distinctive compact design. Let’s explore further in this Yamaha YDP-S34 review about the look, the playing experience and the features of this contemporary digital piano. DESIGN The Look The Yamaha YDP-S34 is a console type digital piano. However, unlike other models in from Yamaha, the YDP-S34 has a compact and futuristic style. There is no lifted cabinet. When you close the key cover, it’s an entirely flat surface. […]

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Yamaha YDP-164 Review – Worthy Successor Of The YDP-163

I recently updated my Yamaha YDP-163 review and concluded that I can not recommend that model in 2019 facing fierce competition from other models on the market. Yamaha has launched the successor model beginning this year. In this Yamaha YDP-164 review, I’ll take a look at this new model and try to determine how it fares against its competitors in 2019. DESIGN The Look The Yamaha YDP-164 is a console type digital piano with a more traditional look. The slightly lifted cabinet gives it a more solid aura. The height of the cabinet sits between the YDP-144 and YDP-184. The […]

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The Yamaha DGX-660 is fun to play with.

Yamaha DGX-660 Review – Your Personal Band

In the digital piano industry, the Yamaha Portable Grand series stands out to be very different from others. The name of this product line is very misleading. It gives the impression that it is all about piano, but in fact, the models have tons of features that go beyond just piano. If I were hired by Yamaha to name this product line, I would probably call it Portable Band. In this Yamaha DGX-660 review, I will show you the details about this flagship model and why I consider it to be more than just a piano. DESIGN The look The […]

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Yamaha YDP-144 Review

Yamaha YDP-144 Review – ONE Upgrade Is All You Get After 3 Years!

The Yamaha YDP-143 was released in 2016. Three years later, we finally see an upgraded version from Yamaha in January 2019. The YDP-144 is replacing the 143. Unfortunately, not much has been changed. They are in many aspects identical to one another. I am honestly quite disappointed with this new model from Yamaha. In this Yamaha YDP-144 review, I will show you every aspect of this new digital piano from Yamaha. But more importantly, I want to highlight the difference between the new YDP-144 and the 3-years-old YDP-143. https://youtu.be/aNXSswFFsqI DESIGN The Look The Yamaha YDP-144 has an identical design to […]

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Yamaha YDP 184 Review – 5 Reasons Why You Want This Flagship Arius

Announced in Feb 2018, the YDP 184 is currently the flagship model of the Arius line from Yamaha. There are many advanced features that you would not find on any other models in the Arius line. Its classical look, CFX sound engine and the GH3 key action make this model more like a Clavinova than an Arius. As the flagship model from Yamaha, the YDP 184 is not cheap. In this Yamaha YDP 184 review, I will give you 5 reasons why it would be worth your money. DESIGN The look The Yamaha YDP 184 has a more traditional upright […]

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Yamaha YDP-163 Review – Wouldn’t Be My Pick In 2019!

The Yamaha YDP-163 was released in 2016. It has since been a popular and well-received digital piano on the market. Three years has passed since its release. In this Yamaha YDP-163 review, I will showcase all the pros and cons of this console style digital piano. But most importantly, I want to explain why I do not recommend this model in 2019. DESIGN The Look Yamaha YDP-163 is a console style digital piano. I quite like the look of it. It has a healthy mix of traditional upright piano and a modern digital piano. It would fit comfortably with most […]

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