1. Andrew A.

    After 10 years with the excellent Yamaha PSR E403, I would like to buy my wife a new keyboard. This time though, I would like to give her a surprise, so I am looking for a digital piano.
    I am glad I ran into your website. Yours is a very honest, comprehensive review, thank you very much. I had heard some positive comments about the Yamaha Arius YDP 143, but you perfectly highlighted both pro and cons.
    I know for a fact that my wife does not like weak speakers as she likes to hear the sound of her music in the proper way (she is a perfectionist).
    On such grounds I am afraid the Arius would not sit well with her, but given that I am going to buy her a digital piano anyway, would you be so kind to recommend me some other products?
    I have a 1000 – 1500 $ budget.
    Please note that Yamaha is always my first choice.
    Thank you very much in advance for your time and reply.

    • Hi Andrew, thanks for dropping by and your kind comment. What a sweet idea to surprise your wife with a digital piano! I have to admit, I’m not that bold. The fair that she doesn’t like it would cause me much anxiety. Anyway, for your budget, I can recommend two things. First is the Yamaha YDP-143 with a pair of monitors. The iLoud Micro is great for that and it’s small. Other options would be a different digital piano. If you are on team Yamaha, I would recommend the YDP-163, which has a 3 sensor key action and it’s equipped with two 20 watt speakers, more than 3 time more powerful than the YDP-143. You can find the YDP-163 on amazon for $1,499. Hope that helps!

  2. I taught myself to read music and play piano when i was 8. It later came in handy when I started playing percussion in band as i got older. What I want to know is the feel of the keys. On traditional ivory keys they almost feel “soft” to the touch and a well maintained one will have impeccable bounce back after tapping the keys. I’ve played on electric keyboards before (I know a bit different than an electric piano) but I’ve noticed there’s not the same “bounce” to the keys. If you know what im talking about lol, would you be able to tell me if when playing this piano, does it feel more like a traditional piano or an electric keyboard?

    • Hi Ash, would love to hear your story as how you taught yourself piano when you were 8. Must be an amazing story. As for key actions, I know exactly what you mean. An electric keyboard is quite different from digital piano. The manufactures do everything they can in their digital pianos to mimic the feeling of grand acoustic pianos. Some users would swear that they never come close to the ‘real’ thing. But I happen to believe that they are pretty close now a days. Especially when they push out new technology every year with new product launch. Sometime in the future, we might see digital pianos replacing acoustic ones more and more often in the home environment.

  3. Hi Wei, thanks for the great and detailed review. Just curious though, what was the price when it originally came out, since it’s a few years old? Has the price come down since then?
    Also what is the equivalent competition in other models for me to compare in terms of performances vs price? Thanks again!

    • Hi Ferhat, thanks for your comment and questions. I actually had to do a little digging for the price history. From what I can find, the YDP-143 was announced for $1,499. So the price has drop quite a lot in the past. At similar price range, there’s the Roland F-140R and the Casio PX870, both have some newer technology that the YDP-143 doesn’t have. Come back for my review of these two.

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