10 Best Christmas Gifts for Piano Players 2018

Christmas is approaching and you know what you gotta do. Finding gifts for family members can be difficult. It gets even harder if you are looking for Christmas gifts for piano players in the family. Musicians usually have their own taste coupled with strong opinions.

I would like to help you by listing 10 gifts that would interest me as a piano player. Hopefully, they will give you some good ideas. You will have the perfect gift that stands out and you will get a big hug and loving smile from that hard-to-please musician of your family. Furthermore, these are not just good gifts, they are also practical items that the piano player in the family are going to use constantly. Hence he or she will think of you all the time.

Playable Tie:  $13.00

Playable tie that's perfect as a Christmas gift.This battery powered musical tie is the perfect gadget for family gatherings. There are 8 keys on the tie and they are touch sensitive. Your musical family members will have a lot of fun playing with it and the whole family will have a great time together. Do remember to purchase some AG13 button batteries. Each playable tie will need two of those and they are not included in the package. The last thing you want for a family party is an instrument without battery.

Musical Gift Set: $19.95

Musial gift set for Christmas

This is a thoughtful bundle of gifts for piano players. There are one photo frame with musical notes and piano keys, two candle holders with musical notes and each has a candle included and gift boxed. They look great on my piano and the candles serve as light source to read notes on my sheet music.

LED Music Light: $19.99

Music light perfect to read sheet music

One thing that every piano player need is a light source to read our sheet music. This LED music light is a perfect choice to serve that purpose. It uses multiple power source so that you can choose whichever is the most convenient to you. It can be powered by an AC adapter, AA batteries and USB port. The base is clamp-able and the head is free to adjust. Reading notes in the dark is so much easier with this light and your musical family member will sure to appreciate it.

Chopin Bored: $15.99

Funny and adorable cut board

Does Chopin cook when he’s bored? I honestly have no idea. But musicians do need to eat and this cut board is the most adorable piece I can find. It’s clever and humorous. I probably wouldn’t chop anything on it but use it as a wall decor thanks to the hanging hole.

Musical Oven Gloves: ± $15.00

Just look at the photos and tell me you don’t find them adorable! I would love to have one of these as a Christmas gift and I will think of you every time I bake my favorite cookies.

Dog Shirt and Collar: ± $15.00

Does your musical family member has a pet dog? If so, you are in luck. It’s often a great idea to give something for the pet. We pet owners always appreciate that.

Famous Pianist Wall Decor: ± $30.00

Pianist wall decor, perfect for Christmas

We all have our idols and musicians love their composers. Make the effort to find out which composer/pianist is the favorite of your musical family member. Not only do these tighten the room, it shows your affection and will be appreciated.

Famous Pianist Quote Wall Decor: ± $22.99

Beethoven quote wall decor

We all like quotes and putting them on the wall can serve us well. These make perfect gifts with inspiration and style. 

Headphones:  from $20.00 to $$$$

Whether your family member plays on a digital piano or mixes his or her own music on a Mac Book, a good pair of headphones is always needed. It can be a no brainier as a gift but do be careful. Headphones can be very expensive and your musical family member most likely has very picky ears. You really don’t want to give a cheap pair of headphones as it will never be used and it’s just a waste.

Score Books: ± $10.00 to $30.00

What’s more appropriate as a gift to music lovers than a score book. You are literally giving music on paper. It’s safer to find out what genre the recipient likes. But it’s also okay to take a risk and give a score book that you like. You can then discuss it with your musical family member and who knows, you might just open another door to the music world for him or her.

There are certainly a lot more wonderful gifts for piano players out there. Leave a comment if you have any good suggestions and share with us a story about Christmas. Happy holidays!



  1. Suzana

    Hi Wei,

    these Christmas gifts are so adorable! I really love the Playable Tie and Musical Gift Set. When I scrolled down to see all the products and got to third – this title ’LED Music Light’ made me think it would give sound when you turn it on : )

    I would love to have lamp that plays piano when I turn it on.

    My friend is having a birthday party soon and maybe I’ll buy him playable tie cause he also loves classical music and this is a funny way to suprise him!

    Thank you for the post,

    I’ll bookmark it,


  2. Oloyede3

    Thank you so much for this article, it has been really helpful I have been planning to get a Christmas gift for my friend who is a piano player, after reading your post i now know what to get for him. Thank you for your article it was really helpful. I will definitely share this site with my family and friends i believe they will learn something from this article.

  3. Joe

    These are some really awesome pianist gift ideas! I have a few musicians in my family and 2 of them are pianists, my mum and my brother. I really like the idea of the LED light because we have a piano in our front room, but its kinda dim in there and for my mum, who reads and writes music, she finds it difficult sometimes to see the sheet with the lack of light.

    So that’s a really great idea for her, thanks!

    • Wei

      Hi Joe, welcome and thanks for the comment. I’m glad you find some of these ideas useful. Get that LED light for your mum! It is going to heat her eyes if she keeps reading in the dark. She will sure thank you and think of you every time she uses that light. 

      Have a great holiday!

  4. Nuttanee

    It is definitely that time of the year again. I love the tie! It is such a cool gift and very affordable. I’m getting that for my nephew, he is taking the piano class right now, but will it be too big for him? Nah, I’ll make his did play it together with him. For score books which one is your favorite and also which one is friendly to a child about 9 years old? 

    • Wei

      Hi Nuttanee, thanks for dropping by. I also love the playable tie. Such a great idea and so much fun to play with. The tie is 21.5 inches long. It is probably too long for your nephew, but that’s the fun part. It would look ridiculous and fun. 

      Score book really depends on the skill level of your nephew. I would suggest you secretly contact his teacher for recommendations. 

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