1. Thanks for your review on the Kawai ES8. I learnt piano when I was a child and I have a small electronic keyboard I dabble with playing it at times. But my children are showing interest and I have started their lessons. This little keyboard of mine isn’t doing the trick as it is not a good size for them. This keyboard the Kawai es8 sounds like a good investment for a family learning music. Its sturdy and as you said “built like a tank” which is good as the kids have friends over and they will always turn on the keyboard and have a play whether they learn music or not. I will definitely look into this for our little music learners. Thank you for your Review.

    • Hi Mary,

      Thanks for dropping by and left a comment. The Kawai ES8 is an excellent choice if your budget allows for it. Although I would probably recommend something cheaper for your children to start the learning process. After they developed their own taste, you can then upgrade to a better digital piano to their liking. If you don’t need portability, the Casio PX870 would be a great choice. It’s cheaper with less features, but has a very impressive key action and sound, which are the two most important aspect of any digital piano.
      Other even cheaper options would be the Kawai ES110. It’s also a portable digital piano like the ES8. It’s much cheaper although the key action and sound are less impressive.
      In the end, I think it depends on if you want to upgrade later or do you want one that would last for the whole learning journey with your children.
      And don’t forget, always try it in a store before purchase. Key actions are very personal.

  2. Hello there,
    This is a very comprehensive review of Kawai piano. I love the features you cited here. I currently play an electric keyboard and I am planning a buy one with a pedal.

    Thanks for this review I will definitely include this one as one of my choices.

    Best regards,

  3. Thanks so much for this detailed review!
    My two daughters have been using an old baby grand which I’ve recently been informed cannot be tuned to the correct pitch anymore. I’m not in a position to buy a real acoustic piano and the Kawai electronic piano seems like a good option. How long can we use an electric piano when preparing for exams and competitions? At what stage would you recommend upgrading to a real piano?

    • Hi Marketa,

      Thanks for dropping by. The one advantage of a digital piano is that it never needs to be tuned. As for how long you can keep practicing on a digital piano, it depends on the particular model you choose. If you purchase the ES8 that I reviewed here or other high end digital piano, you actually won’t need to upgrade to an acoustic piano at all. These high end digital pianos now a days are really good at mimic the key actions of acoustic pianos. Your daughters can comfortably practice at home with digital piano and switch to an acoustic while taking lessons or exams.
      I would advice you take your daughters to a store and try the key actions on different digital pianos and see which one they feel most comfortable with.

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