• Hi James,

      Sorry for the late response. I had some system glitch and just see your comments.

      The CA48 has the Bluetooth MIDI so you can use it as a MIDI controller via Bluetooth.

  1. Sharon H.

    Does the bluetooth capability of this digital piano allow for the speaker system to be used as a home stereo similar to the Korg G1 Air? In other words, can music from a smartphone or tablet be streamed to the console to listen to music when the keyboard is not in play?

    • Hi Sharon,

      I have to recant my previous answer about the audio streaming capability via Bluetooth on the Kawai CA48.

      I didn’t test this functionality during my review of this model and when I tried to answer your question, I was away and didn’t had access to test it myself. So I provided my answer based on some research online.

      The same question was asked by Nick recently and I went to test it myself this time. I can now confirm that the Kawai CA48 does not support audio streaming through its speakers via Bluetooth.

      My sincere apologies for any confusion I have caused you.

        • Hi Nick,

          The Kawai CA48 can not stream audio to its speakers via Bluetooth. My previous answer to Sharon was inaccurate and I’m sorry if that has caused confusion for you. I sincerely hope that you didn’t buy the CA48 for the streaming capability.

      • James ps

        I tried one out at a music store and I am obsessed with the action and sounds. However, I also have some soft synths on my laptop that I would like to control with the keyboard. I am concerned with the no-usb. That’s why I ask.

  2. Henry

    Hi! Thank you very much for this review! It has been a very pleasant read.

    I have been checking out reviews on Yamaha YDP-184, Kawai CE220 and Kawai CA48, because they’re all in the same price range. It’s cool you have made comparisons among them at the end of this post.

    I appreciate you have shared your experience using these digital pianos. The full wooden keys on the CA48, and the fact that they’re lighter and fluid for interpreting fast passages, have made me make up my mind!

    • Wei

      Hi Henry, welcome and thanks for your comment. I’m glad that my review has been helpful to you. There are certainly many advantages of the Kawai CA48 and I’m confident that you have made the right choice. Come back and let me know your experience with it.

  3. mzakapon

    Kawai CA48 is is excellent and one of the best piano in the world. Many music artist love this Piano. But it is costly and  a little bit demerits also. Comparatively it is better than other piano and music artist love this for their music. Moreover it has natural and realistic sound .

    So I think it would be best choice for in house music instrument if there is no budget problem.

    • Wei

      While it’s true that the CA48 is expensive, its actually an entry level model of Kawai CA series. It is also much cheaper than an acoustic piano. For serious pianist, it’s an attractive choice.

  4. Chris

    Well it does look like a lovely instrument, especially from a traditional angle, but there are a few concerns that would probably put me off. 

    First of all you point out that there is no multitrack built in – most pianos like this come with their own simple DAW built in these days, don’t they?

    On top of this, I also notice that there is no USB out on it – would I be right in thinking there is only a MIDI out then?

    • Wei

      Hi Chris,

      Nice to see you again. Welcome back. 

      While many digital pianos do have multi-track recording built in, it should not be a deal breaker if you are interested in the Kawai CA48. With the Bluetooth, you can link it easily to your smart device and mix your music there. I guess that’s why Kawai decides to forego the built in multi-track recording.

      As for connectivity, the CA48 does have a USB to host port as well as MIDI in/out.

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