1. Milenko

    Most of the piano profesors would consider key action similar to concert piano a “pros”, but for you, it is “heavy” and in “cons”! I mean, you have actual hamers, how mach real can it get. This is a very good piano!

    • Hi Milenko,

      It’s only my personal take on the key action of this model. You might find it totally different and that’s why I always recommend my readers to find a store and try the key actions.

      But for argument sake, even grand acoustic pianos have distinctively different feel to their keys. There simply is no standard to it. And all the digital pianos I review on this site have ‘actual hammers’ behind each key. That by itself doesn’t guarantee a realistic feel.

      Thing is, in the digital piano market, actual hammer doesn’t mean hammers that are identical to the ones on acoustic grand piano. The word refers more to the mechanism. Usually on digital pianos, the ‘hammers’ are a piece of metal with weight at the end.

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