1. Arash

    Hi Wei,
    First, Thank you for your comprehensive and simple reviews.
    I am looking for an entry level piano to start and I kind of narrowed my options to only KDP-110. However, my last search in the market was in March 2019 and I was wondering if you know of any new rival comes to the market that worth consideration.
    Main features that I am looking for are sound quality, key action and connectivity.

  2. Jonathan

    Dear Wei,
    My son in grade 8 level and has been playing piano for over five years. We got a old Knight upright piano, and we are planning to buy a digital piano for him for his future learning. It recommended by my son’s piano teacher. I do know which one should be the best one for him: Yamaha YDP164, or Kawai KDP110? The boy loves music very much. When he finishes his music theory, he may start to learn how to write a simple song as his hobby. He also joins some piano competitions, and performing in some local concerts sometimes.
    We wish the one we are going to buy for him,it doesn’t need to be upgraded in the short term. Our budget is under $ 1000. We expect a great common from you.
    Many thanks in advance!

    • Hi Jonathan,

      Check my YDP164 review and at the bottom, there’s a comparison between the YDP164 and the Kawai KDP110.

      The main difference between the two are sound characteristics and key action. If you can find a store with the two models available, take your son and test these pianos.

      Bottom line is: you can’t really go wrong with either of them and it depends on your son’s preference of sound and touch.

  3. Joseph Doan

    Hi Wei,

    The quality of your reviews urged me to leave a comment here. I am on the way of looking for an entry level digital piano for my children whilst having very limited understanding about them. Originally, I have identified the YDP-144 as my choice, but then, after reading your review about this model, then this Kawai KDP-110, I think the target should be clear now. What I am gonna do in the next few days is to experience the sound and key weighted between these two by myself and my children.

    • Hi Joseph,

      Thank you so much for your kind comment. It makes my day knowing my work has helped people.

      Do come back and share with us your experience with these models.

  4. ND

    Hi what’s the best modern looking entry level piano you would recommend? My kids are 5 and 7, and our house decor is more modern than traditional.

  5. S Mitra

    Firstly thank you for your reviews. I am a beginner (actually I haven’t yet begun, my 5 year old has and I will start too), and we were looking to identify digital pianos…

    I am almost convinced on kdp 110 (the other contender is YDP 144), but I wanted to know a couple of things, could you help?
    > The company spec sheet says it has USB port… however, your note says it does not have USB connectivity..what is the difference in terms of USB to host/device?
    > I don’t have Apple gadgets so their apps are of no use to me. Are there enough Android apps to integrate with this piano?
    > does Bluetooth connectivity work ok with the latest Android devices? I read somewhere that there was latency with Android devices…

    Do advise, thank you!

    • Hi Mitra,

      Thanks for your comment. When it comes to digital pianos, usually you would find two types of USB port.

      1. USB to Host: these are used to connect your dp to a computer.

      2. USB to device: these are used to connect a USB stick so as to export recordings of your performance.

      When it comes to apps for dp, there are more choices for apple devices than Android. But there are still some solid ones to choose from. Like Perfect Piano and Flowkey. Experiment and find the ones that’re best for your need.

      Generally speaking, iOS performs better in terms of Bluetooth connection with digital pianos. But I do believe that Android is getting better. The latency will differ for each app so you’ll have to test them with your piano and smart device.

      • S Mitra

        Thank you, this is helpful!

        To ask further on USB to host… so will there be a way to export recordings to /via the computer? Maybe I will need the right program? I have Windows 10.

        Thank you once again!

        • Yes, there are two ways to do that.

          1. Use the USB to host to connect your dp with a computer and use software like Pianoteq to record.

          2. Use an audio cable to connect the dp from its headphone jack to the line in port on the computer. Then use any kind of audio recording software to record.

          Method one should provide better quality but those softwares are usually not free. Most of them do have free trail though.

          Hope it helps!

  6. Oskar

    Great Review,
    Hello Wei, can you review kawai ca98? I just preorder kawai ca98, but i enjoy read your reviews. Give me a credit and please review kawai ca98. Thanks Wei.

    • Hi Oskar,

      Thanks for dropping by and congratulations on your pre-order of the Kawai CA98. I have actually tested the CA98 and have some thoughts on it. But haven’t got the time to put them together yet. Premium unit like the CA98 requires a lot more effort for a review.

      I’ll do my best and let me know your experience with the CA98 once it arrives.

  7. First off I need to congratulate you on an insanely well written and aesthetically good looking article. I honestly mean it. I am a musician and I am pretty much a Korg fan. However, when I am not using music workstations with software like Logic or Ableton Live, Kawai pianos always impress and usually when I walk into a music instrument shop to try out some of the pianos for fun, then Kawai pianos are usually my piano of preference. When I find myself in the music shop again I will be sure to try out the Kawai KDP 110 Digital Piano.

    • Hi Schalk,

      Thanks for dropping by and your kind comment. I am so glad that you enjoy reading my reviews. I have to admit, reviews are hard to write.

      Can you share why you are a Korg fan? Is there some specific reason you would use a Korg with music software? I do not have much experience with Korg myself.

      If you have the chance to try the Kawai KDP 110 in a shop, do come back and share with us your thoughts on it.

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