1. Oskar

    Great Review,
    Hello Wei, can you review kawai ca98? I just preorder kawai ca98, but i enjoy read your reviews. Give me a credit and please review kawai ca98. Thanks Wei.

    • Hi Oskar,

      Thanks for dropping by and congratulations on your pre-order of the Kawai CA98. I have actually tested the CA98 and have some thoughts on it. But haven’t got the time to put them together yet. Premium unit like the CA98 requires a lot more effort for a review.

      I’ll do my best and let me know your experience with the CA98 once it arrives.

  2. First off I need to congratulate you on an insanely well written and aesthetically good looking article. I honestly mean it. I am a musician and I am pretty much a Korg fan. However, when I am not using music workstations with software like Logic or Ableton Live, Kawai pianos always impress and usually when I walk into a music instrument shop to try out some of the pianos for fun, then Kawai pianos are usually my piano of preference. When I find myself in the music shop again I will be sure to try out the Kawai KDP 110 Digital Piano.

    • Hi Schalk,

      Thanks for dropping by and your kind comment. I am so glad that you enjoy reading my reviews. I have to admit, reviews are hard to write.

      Can you share why you are a Korg fan? Is there some specific reason you would use a Korg with music software? I do not have much experience with Korg myself.

      If you have the chance to try the Kawai KDP 110 in a shop, do come back and share with us your thoughts on it.

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