1. Ann

    Thanks for this comprehensive review of the Casio Privia PX-160 digital piano. It seems this piano is budget friendly and has the qualities and price that wold suit my nephew who is just starting out learning to play on one of these instruments. I agree i’s not the best looking model, but I think in the black colour it doesn’t look too bad. I like that it has a solid music rest. the 2 8 watt speakers as you note, should give a clear and rich sound. I’ll send your article to my nephew.  

    • Wei

      Hi Ann, welcome and thanks for your comment. The PX-160 would be great for your nephew to start the journey of playing the piano. 

      I also prefer the black version. 🙂

  2. Daniel

    This is an excellent review man. I like music and sometimes I even play a piano. What I like the most is that it is not expensive at all and anyone who enjoy playing will buy it for sure. My bro is a professional pianist and I am sure that he would like to try this awesome instrument.

    • Wei

      Hi Daniel, Thanks for dropping by and leave your comment. The PX-160 is indeed very affordable and thus making piano more accessible to people. It would be a great first piano to learn the instrument. However, if your brother is a professional pianist, this entry model might be lacking for him. If he’s looking for a digital piano, ask him to check my best digital pianos of the year post and hopefully he’ll find the right one. 

  3. Marlinda Davis

    Hey Wei! Thanks for taking the time to write this in depth and informative review. I really like this digital keyboard and always though of Casio as a great brand. I like that this is beginner friendly and lightweight which makes it easy to move around. I have a small space so there’s always lots of moving around of things. I was just wondering, what is polyphony?

    • Wei

      Hi Marlinda, welcome back. Glad to see you again here. I think the PX-160 is a solid choice for you. 

      Polyphony is the number of notes that can be produced by a digital piano at the same time. Usually you can find 64, 128, 192, 256 notes of polyphony. Needless to say, the higher the number, the better. There is a section on my best digital piano of the year post that I explained in details what a polyphony is. Take a look if needed. 

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