1. Davide

    Hi, thanks for your reviews. I’m a new “DIY” piano learner. i’m using a budget psr e353 61 not weighted keys but i want to upgrade asap to a digital piano. i viewed a LOT of reviews and i’m considering roland fp10, roland fp30 and casio px-s1000. here in italy they cost respectevely 360€ (fp10), 530€ (fp30) and 540€ (px-s1000). usually px s1000 is compared to fp10 because fp30 costs more in other countries but here fp30 and px-s1000 cost about the same. most people prefer fp30 action, especially thanks to longer keys (it seems px-s1000 is a bit harder to play near the end of the keys) and better speakers. but i like px-s1000 too for compact design and features, even if it lacks bluetooth midi. any suggestions? after this purchase i don’t really know if i’ll ever upgrade again, so i want to make the right choice!

    • Simeon

      I’m quite a beginner too (two years of practice), come from France and I tried many digital and acoustic pianos. I liked more the PX-S1000 than the FP-30 (the texture of keys and keys and the sound without a headphone).:)

      • Davide

        thank you for your reply. in the end i purchased fp10 online for 399€. i managed to try px-s1000 in a local shop and a fp60 (fp10 and fp30 were out of stock). while i like a bit more roland action, i have to admit px-s1000 really looks a much innovative product and i think it’s a better and more complete product overall. the texture on keys is really evident while on the fp10 is just cosmetic. but i decided to save 100-150€ because i’m really a beginner (2 months of practice) so i think i’ll eventually upgrade later. i have to admit px-s1000 really catched me for its design.

    • I actually do like the one on the PX S1000 better despite its compact size. Casio did something with the software that makes it very responsive and expressive.

  2. Alph

    How does it feel when playing near the fallboard? I’ve seen plenty of people raises concerns of short pivot. In your opinion, is that an issue?

    • Casio did a surprisingly good job here. Only at places right next to the fallboard would you feel significant decrease in responsiveness.

      In my opinion, the Casio PX S1000 is comparable to other portable digital pianos on the market.

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