1. John D

    Quick question about the Casio PX-870. I want to buy it for my son who is in a dorm on the second floor, so we have to move it twice a year. Is it portable? Does the keyboard pop out of the furniture casing if you want to play a gig somewhere? Thanks in advance for your assistance

    • Hi John,

      From what you describe, I don’t think the PX-870 would be a good idea. It is a console style digital piano, so not designed to be moved around often. It is possible to disassemble and reassemble twice a year but that’s definitely not ideal. The keyboard part is way too big and heavy for gigs.

      In you situation, I’d recommend portable models. The 2019 model from Casio, PX-S1000 is an excellent choice. Roland has several models with different price point, from FP-10, FP-30 to FP-90.

      You shouldn’t over look the Kawai ES8 and ES110.

      Last but not least, if you are willing to pay a little premium for the brand, there are the P series from Yamaha.

  2. Soheil

    Hi Wei,

    I’m doubtful between these models:
    Casio PX 870
    Yamaha YDP-184

    Can you give me an insight by comparing them?

    Thank you

    • Hi Soheil,
      The reason I haven’t put them side by side is because of the price. The YDP-184 from Yamaha is nearly twice as expensive as the PX-870. That being said, they are both excellent digital pianos. The Yamaha has a more classic look and the Casio looks modern and slimmer.
      Given the price difference, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that the YDP-184 has quite a few advantages. The CFX sound engine produce a more detailed and authentic experience. The AiR engine on the PX-870 is certainly not bad but does lack some nuances in comparison. The weaker speakers on the PX-870 certainly does not help either.
      Another advantage you get on the YDP-184 is its recording capability. It’s possible to record 250 songs in MIDI each with up to 16 tracks. This is huge if you are into creating and composing your own music. The PX-870 on the other hand can only record one song with 2 tracks, although it does have the possibility to output 99 songs in WAV.
      The key action on both are really good and it’s hard to tell which one is better. In my opinion, the YDP-184 is slightly on the heavy side. This could give more control and boost expressiveness. However, that could also come from the better sound engine and speaker system.  
      Overall, the YDP-184 is in many ways superior than the PX-870, if you can afford the extra $1,000.

  3. I am along the same line as Simon above. Years ago, when I was just a teen, I acquired a music degree and played piano/organ/keyboards at every opportunity, then life happened… marriage, career, children, etc. But now I’m retired and the kids are out on their own, and I am ready to return to my music after a decades-long hiatus. I worry that I have likely forgotten 70% of what I had learned, but am looking forward to learning it all over again! I have done a TON of research on digital pianos in recent weeks, and the Casio Privia PX870 indeed appears to be the one to beat. I will be ordering mine online tomorrow… can hardly wait to get it delivered! Turns out that it’s going to cost a small fortune to ship it to our remote little island paradise off the north coast of Newfoundland, (Canada) but it’s the price we must pay to live in one of the world’s most scenic and remote locations!

    • Hi Glen,

      Life has a way to change our priorities around.

      Congratulations on your choice of the PX 870. I think you would really enjoy it.

      Please do come back and share your thoughts on this digital piano.

  4. Tom Karasmanis

    Hi Wei,

    I am looking for a digital piano for my 11 year old daughter who is now in her 8th year of piano. She has been doing group up to now and is starting private. She mostly likes modern music and while she will continue to pursue the Royal Conservatory of Music program, she wants to play songs from her favourite singers. Her lessons focus more now on tone, dynamics, emotion, etc. whereas up to a year or so ago they were more technical. She is a casual to enthusiastic player, so I would say beginner to intermediate.

    Our options (narrowed down from your very helpful reviews) in Toronto Canada seem to be:
    – KDP90 for $1000 (used)
    – KPD110 for $1450 (new, Merriam)
    – PX860 for $1300 (new, Costco)
    – PX870 for $1400 (new, Amazon.ca)

    I think the 3-sensor key action is important (which is why I have not jumped on the KDP90), but you may feel otherwise.

    I would appreciate any advice.


  5. Casio px 870
    Casio ap 470
    Kawai kdp 110
    Done some reading around these three keyboards and find it hard to choose one of them !
    Can you help me ?
    Price in my country – all under 1000$

  6. Johan

    I’ve found a Kawai KDP 110 for 1041 dollars including chair and headphones. This Casio model is about 1100 dollars for an equivalent package in my country. Which one would you recommend?

    • Hi Johan,

      For the price you found, I’d recommend the Kawai. Both the key action and sound are slightly better than the Casio. These two aspects combined contributes to a superior piano experience.

    • Hi Fei,

      It is indeed very nice. One of the best you can buy under $1,000. If you ask me, the PX-870 is much better than your Roland F-140R. 🙂

  7. Simon

    I’m currently searching for a keyboard, I think your review has answered all my concerns. The way this Casio PX-870 uses the AiR Sound Source to produce the grand acoustic piano sound has captivated my interest.
    I like both the black & white wooden effect finishes whilst their lightweight design compared to a piano makes them so convenient.
    I still class my self as a beginner, to be honest. I passed a few piano exams when I was a teenager but that is so long ago, I have probably forgotten what I learnt. It’s time to play again.
    Thanks again for your review,

    • Hi Simon,
      Thanks for dropping by. Congrats on your decision to play again. Playing piano is not just fun, it has many benefits as well.
      I think the PX-870 would be an amazing digital piano for someone that has some experience like you. If $1,000 is your budget and you don’t need portability, the PX-870 might just be the best one you can get.
      Thank you again for the comment and come back for more digital piano reviews.

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