1. Casio px 870
    Casio ap 470
    Kawai kdp 110
    Done some reading around these three keyboards and find it hard to choose one of them !
    Can you help me ?
    Price in my country – all under 1000$

  2. Johan

    I’ve found a Kawai KDP 110 for 1041 dollars including chair and headphones. This Casio model is about 1100 dollars for an equivalent package in my country. Which one would you recommend?

    • Hi Johan,

      For the price you found, I’d recommend the Kawai. Both the key action and sound are slightly better than the Casio. These two aspects combined contributes to a superior piano experience.

    • Hi Fei,

      It is indeed very nice. One of the best you can buy under $1,000. If you ask me, the PX-870 is much better than your Roland F-140R. 🙂

  3. Simon

    I’m currently searching for a keyboard, I think your review has answered all my concerns. The way this Casio PX-870 uses the AiR Sound Source to produce the grand acoustic piano sound has captivated my interest.
    I like both the black & white wooden effect finishes whilst their lightweight design compared to a piano makes them so convenient.
    I still class my self as a beginner, to be honest. I passed a few piano exams when I was a teenager but that is so long ago, I have probably forgotten what I learnt. It’s time to play again.
    Thanks again for your review,

    • Hi Simon,
      Thanks for dropping by. Congrats on your decision to play again. Playing piano is not just fun, it has many benefits as well.
      I think the PX-870 would be an amazing digital piano for someone that has some experience like you. If $1,000 is your budget and you don’t need portability, the PX-870 might just be the best one you can get.
      Thank you again for the comment and come back for more digital piano reviews.

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