1. Barry

    Hello Wei. Thank you for sharing your review of the Yamaha P-125. I’m actually going to do music as a major carrier. Everything I do is geared to that direction. I bought a piano Course and needed a Piano to study the course. I was told weighted keys piano would be great to get started.

    I think this piano is suitable for me and the price is not bad at all. I love it.

    We’ll, adding Bluetooth to it would have been superb anyways. But I think it’s not a major necessity.

    • Wei

      Hi Barry, thanks for dropping by. The P-125 is indeed a very solid instrument to begin with. It will grow with you for the next couple of years and you will be happy with it. Another option, with Bluetooth would be the Kawai ES110.

      They are both really good and it comes down to your personal preference about the sound and key action.

  2. Samson Oklobia

    I am personally not an electronic piano person when it comes to music but i am sure familiar with the Yamaha products. I understand that they have the top notch piano products out there and this particular P-125 seems to be packed full with lots of features. I particularly like the red velvet behind the keys, i thinks it looks quite fancy. I think the P-125 will be a great buy.

    • Wei

      Hi Samson, welcome and thank you for our comment. The Yamaha P-125 has been a popular model on the market and it is a very solid instrument for many different uses. 

  3. Juliet

    Hi Wei, being a musician I loved reading about the Yamaha digital piano and I like its clean and sleek look. We have an old Yamaha here and an upright acoustic piano. I know the digital pianos have a lot of effects and works on electricity. But I am I right that the acoustic piano sounds better? 

    • Wei

      Hi Juliet, welcome and thank you for your comment. Yes, acoustic piano does sound better than a digital piano. The sound produced by a digital piano is often limited by the samples and internal memories. An acoustic piano however can create limitless nuances. One disadvantage of an acoustic piano is that it’s sound deterriates over time. Hence the need for tuning.

  4. Dale

    What a great review.  This is exactly what I have been looking for because my grand daughter has been asking for this.  She has a smaller one but it is time for her to upgrade.

    I love how detailed your review is.  The P-125 does seem a bit pricey but I believe we get what we pay for and after all it is for my grand daughter.

    Going to have to show this to my wife and see what she thinks.

    Once again thank you for the great info


    • Wei

      Hi Dale, welcome and thank you for your kind comment. The Yamaha P125 is a great digital piano for intermediate pianists. I think your grand daughter would really benefit from it. 

      If your wife want to check some alternatives to the Yamaha P125, check out my best digital piano review 2018.

      All the best to you and your family!

  5. Nuttanee

    Great review. The best elaborate one I have yet read. I used to play piano as a child but haven’t been practicing it at all so i get rusty. Plus living in the city, i find it is hard to have a piano at my place. Thank you for pointing out this model. The piano seems small, it has the nice heavy key like the classic piano and the sou d is good, those are all the plus. i might het one, hopefully they have a deal today for cyber Monday we will see.

    Thanks again.

    • Wei

      Hi there, thanks for dropping by. The Yamaha P125 could be the perfect digital piano to get back to the piano. Let us know if you had any luck with the Cyber Monday.

  6. Ty

    This seem like a pretty solid setup for anyone looking for a piano. I can’t say I’m a musician, but I’ve always expected electronic instruments to be more expensive than this, so for this price I’m actually surprised. 

    This seems like  great option for those starting out in the world of music, like myself. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play piano but I never have the time for that. 

    • Wei

      Hi there, thanks for dropping by. The Yamaha P-125 is indeed a very solid instrument to start learning piano. It is hard to find the time to start the journey and many of us keep asking if we are already too old to learn it. 

      If you are really interested, I would advice you to just give it a try. Thanks for digital pianos, it’s now not a huge investment to begin. 

  7. Dany

    What a good timing. I’m glad I found your article. My daughter wants a piano, and she is taking piano lessons, and I was in search for a good one. I’m that the model Yamaha P-125 is suited for beginners, you made my search very easy, and I decided to buy this model. Thank you for a detailed review of this model.

    • Wei

      Hi Dany, thanks for dropping by. I’m so glad that my post has helped you to make a purchase decision. The Yamaha P-125 is indeed a very solid instrument for any beginners. I think your daughter would really like it and benefit from it. I wish her all the best with her musical journey!

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