1. Jingting Hou

    Hi Wei,

    Thank you. It is really helpful.
    Can you pls give some advice on Yamaha CLP 625 too, comparing to the S54?

    • Hi Jingting,

      I’m glad you find my review helpful. The Yamaha CLP 625 is from a different product line, Yamaha’s premium Clavinova line. It is in many ways supiror than the S54 from the Arius line.

      The key action on the CLP625 is the GH3X, which includes simulated escapement. This is a feature that the GH3 on the S54 does not have.

      They both have the CFX sound engine but the CLP625 has Bösendorfer Imperial sample as well as Binaural recording for headphones. It also has 256 polyphony compare to the 192 on the S54.

      Overall, the CLP625 is much better than the S54. It’s usually about $200 more expensive than the S54 and I think the CLP625 is worth the price.

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