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Best Digital Piano for Beginner

Kawai KDP 110 Review – Best Digital Piano Around $1,000?

Kawai KDP 110 Review

Around $1,000, there are many excellent entry level digital pianos. One might even argue that these offer the best value for money. No wonder so many people are searching for the best model in that price range. In this Kawai KDP 110 review, I’ll try to show you why this might just be the one you are looking for. Kawai’s KDP product line is what they call the entry level series. The KDP 90 was popular and well received by the market. In 2018, Kawai introduced a new model the KDP 110. It has many upgrades to the previous model… Read More »Kawai KDP 110 Review – Best Digital Piano Around $1,000?

Casio PX-870 Review – The Flagship With Great Value

CASIO PX-870 REVIEW: The Flagship With Great Value!

Flagship models are usually the best that a manufacture can offer in a product line. They are usual premium and expensive. If you want to get the best value of your dollars, flagship models are not the usual recommendations I would give. But the PX-870 is an exception. In this Casio PX-870 review, I want to show you the amazing value you get with this flagship model. Casio is one of the leading brands that manufacture digital pianos in the world. They offer you their best key action and sound engine across their product line. You always get the best… Read More »Casio PX-870 Review – The Flagship With Great Value

Kawai ES110 Review – Best Portable Digital Piano

Kawai ES110 review

When people ask me which digital piano they should buy to begin learning the instrument, I often recommend either the Yamaha P45 or the Kawai ES110. For beginners, you really don’t want to invest too much in the beginning because there is a good chance that this passion of yours cools down and the expensive piano you bought becomes a furniture for the living room. The Kawai ES110 is highly focused on piano play experience. By cutting out bells and whistles, you get a really impressive playing experience with a competitive price. Follow me in this Kawai ES110 Review and… Read More »Kawai ES110 Review – Best Portable Digital Piano

TOP 5 Best Digital Pianos under $1,000 in 2019

One limiting factor of the traditional acoustic pianos is their price. It is often a significant investment even if we consider second hand options. Digital pianos on the other hand, are often much accessible. Thanks to the competition in the industry, we now have some excellent pianos to choose from under the budget of $1,000. Here is my pick of the 5 best digital pianos under $1,000 in 2019.     #1. Kawai KDP 110 If you main focus is piano play and you don’t care much about bells and whistles, the Kawai KDP 110 is in my opinion the… Read More »TOP 5 Best Digital Pianos under $1,000 in 2019

Casio Privia PX-160 Review – Is It Still Worth The Price In 2019?

Casio PX-160 Review

2019 is an exciting year for the digital piano industry, especially for beginners and buyers on a budget. The Casio Privia PX-160 was a great value choice and I had recommended it many times in the past. However, facing newer models with similar price, the PX-160 might not get my recommendations that often any more. If you are looking at digital pianos around $500, continue with this review and see if the PX-160 is right for you in 2019. DESIGN The Look If I’m buying the PX-160, it would not be for its look. The whole instrument is made of… Read More »Casio Privia PX-160 Review – Is It Still Worth The Price In 2019?

Casio PX S1000 Review – The Digital Piano That’s Truly Portable

To celebrate the 15 years anniversary of the Privia product line, Casio has launched two brand new portable digital pianos, the S1000 and the S3000. The S in the model name stands for Slim, as these two models are the slimmest digital piano on the market right now. They can run on batteries, which makes these pianos truly portable. You can play Mozart on the top of a mountain or rock a beat during picnic with family and friends. In this Casio PX S1000 review, I’ll explain why you don’t want to miss this one when shopping for a digital… Read More »Casio PX S1000 Review – The Digital Piano That’s Truly Portable

Yamaha DGX-660 Review – Your Personal Band

The Yamaha DGX-660 is fun to play with.

In the digital piano industry, the Yamaha Portable Grand series stands out to be very different from others. The name of this product line is very misleading. It gives the impression that it is all about piano, but in fact, the models have tons of features that go beyond just piano. If I were hired by Yamaha to name this product line, I would probably call it Portable Band. In this Yamaha DGX-660 review, I will show you the details about this flagship model and why I consider it to be more than just a piano. DESIGN The look The… Read More »Yamaha DGX-660 Review – Your Personal Band

Roland FP-10 Review – New King Of Entry Level Digital Piano?

Roland FP-10 Review - New King of Entry Level Digital Piano

To tap into the $500 market segment, Roland has newly launched their entry level digital piano FP-10 in January 2019. It is their first attempt to enter this market segment. In this Roland FP-10 review, I will show you the ins and outs of this brand new instrument and let’s find out if it’s the new king of entry level digital piano. DESIGN The Look The Roland FP-10 is consistent to the design of the  FP product line. It looks clean, sleek and modern. I find it easy to fit in any decor style. Unlike other models in the FP… Read More »Roland FP-10 Review – New King Of Entry Level Digital Piano?

Yamaha P45 Review – Beginner’s Choice

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Yamaha P45 Review: Beginner's Choice

Yamaha is probably the most popular brand in the digital piano industry. Their entry level P45 has been praised by many. Despite it’s many flaws, the low price makes it a viable choice for many beginners. In my Yamaha P45 review, I’ll showcase every aspect of this instrument so that you can draw your own conclusion if it’s the right one for you. First introduced in 2015, the Yamaha P45 is not the newest model as of now. However, even after a few years since its launch, it remains very popular for beginners and some intermediate players. For the reason… Read More »Yamaha P45 Review – Beginner’s Choice