• Hi Fei, I’m glad that you agree. I guess you do play the piano and are benefiting from all the fruits of it. Do come back and tell us your story!

  1. I love your well-written, encouraging article, Wei. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.

    I own an old, upright piano. You’ve almost convinced my to take up lessons again! But, can I find the time…

    YES! I need my neural pathways widened giving me more access to my brain! I didn’t realize learning to play piano could do this.

    Am I right in assuming this can also keep me from developing Alzheimer’s disease?


    • Hi Laura, So glad to see you excited again about piano. If you are busy, my advice would be to practice on your own without a teacher. This way it’s easier to manage time and you actually don’t need to spend much time on practice everyday.

      As for Alzheimer, I couldn’t find any evidence of that. I would hope so because that’s my worst nightmare.

      Thanks for dropping by Laura and you are welcomed here anytime.


    • Hi Mariette,

      Thank you for the comment! I guess everyone kind of know that there are benefits of learning a music instrument. But few know exactly how much benefits are there. I’m glad I help a little on this topic.

    • Hi Jamaar,

      Thanks for dropping by and leave a comment. I choose five major benefits of learning to play the piano in this post. There are however a lot more benefits. If you ask me, it definitely worth the journey.

  2. Brandon

    I would have never guessed that learning the piano was a good stress reliever! This is amazing and I think a great idea for me who’s always stressed from work and would like to come home and wind down. This is a no brainer for me and I’ll be getting a piano asap. What brand do you recommend for a newbie? Cheers.

    • Hi Brandon, thanks for dropping by! I’m glad I have given you some ideas. A word of caution though, don’t be hard on yourself if you decide to start learning piano. As you can imagine, the journey can be long and hard. If you beat yourself up, it would just create more stress. Focus on the process not the result. As for keyboard, you can check my review on the Kawai ES110. I highly recommend that one. If you are tight on budget, then the Yamaha P45 is great for you. Check my review of that one here!

  3. stephen

    Just the post I was looking for. I was just thinking I would love to start playing the piano and even considered looking at one. Then I told myself I was too old to learn. I read your article and it has given me a new desire to learn to play the piano. Thanks for the encouragement

    • Hi Stephen, you make me a happy man knowing what I wrote inspires someone. If you need any help along the journey of learning the piano, come back here and drop me a line. I would be more than happy to help you anyway I can!

  4. Dave

    We “inherited” a piano from my wife’s grandmother. My daughter wasn’t interested, but my son took to it right away as he watched YouTube videos on how to play some of the top-40 songs and such. When he sent me a video of him playing the piano (and it was amazing – I thought someone else was playing it until he turned the phone to him), we decided it was time for lessons. He excelled and now that he’s older, he still plays, but the knowledge he learned from lessons on the piano has leveraged over into Band at school and he’s picked up the Clarinet and already knows how to read music, chords, etc. He’s excelling at it…

    • Hi Dave, thanks for sharing the story of your son. You must be very proud! It’s true once you learn piano, you can learn other instruments fast and easy. My best wishes to you and your family Dave!

  5. I believe learning piano will be benefit for anyone. Therefore, I ask my son to learn that too. Nowadays, many different kind of stress come from school, such as homework, test, exam, even after school activities is stressful too. I think I need to learn also. What my job need much brain power. I want to boost my brain performance as high as possible in order to make the job easy and less stress. Your post tells me more details about the benefit of learning piano. It really inspire me a lot.

    I hope I am too old to learn the piano:)

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi CT, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. It means a lot to me that my post inspires you. I do want to point out two things to you: first, you are never too old to learn piano! Second, even though there are tons of benefits from it, you probably should start learning the piano with passion and fun in mind. If all you think is stress release, boosting brain performance, you probably won’t practice much in the beginning. Just my 2 cents, I could be wrong though. Thanks again and come back for more!

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